Hanoi food - 5 dishes you must try

May 18, 2022 • omeg16


Hanoi is not only famous for the ancient streets and historical sites but also local food. Hanoi food is famous for its delicacy, each dish are a combinations of many ingredients and spices, with their own stories along Hanoi history. For years, food became a essential part of area culture and be loved by many tourists from all over the world.

I love Vietnamese food a lot and to be honest, I think Hanoi food is the most delicate in the country. If you are in Hanoi, there are 5 dishes that I highly recommend and don’t want you guys to miss them. I will introduce you the detailed information and my favorite address too, hope you enjoy it!


Pho is definitely the first Hanoi specialty I would like to introduce for you guys. It is very well known around the world too, you can find a lot Pho restaurants throughout the country in different style but I believe that you will find the best in Hanoi. Pho, for a very long time now, has been considered the delicacy of Hanoi cuisine and known as one of the best food in the world. It’s always an irresistible attraction to any traveller who would like to discover the Hanoian eating culture. That’s why people say “No trip to Hanoi is complete without eating a bowl of pho”.

Hanoians eat pho for breakfast as it’s delicious and full of nutrients to keep you energised for the entire morning. Pho restaurants are scattered along virtually any street, especially ones in the central districts. Inspitrip will guide you through the 10 restaurants for best pho in Hanoi, so you can truly taste authentic pho like a local.

My favorite address: Pho ga dac biet (01 Hang Dieu street) and Pho Khoi (50 Hang Lai street)

Pho is served hot and popularly eaten for all day every where in Vietnam


A distinctive Hanoi delicacy, cha ca is white fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric, and dill served on sizzling pan. Diners also get a bowl of rice noodles, peanuts, chopped spring onions, parsley, nuoc cham sauce, and red chili slices, all of which are meant to be mixed together with the turmeric fish. Cha ca is so popular amongst locals that there’s a street in Hanoi Old Quarter named after it, though the best (and affordable) places to enjoy this seafood delicacy is at Cha Ca Thang Long in Duong Thanh Street.

My favorite address: Cha Ca Thang Long (21-31 Duong Thanh)

Cha ca is sizzling on hot pan, one of the mustry dishes in Hanoi


Bun Thang is beautiful and delicious cuisine that you could not ignore when you visit Ha Noi because it is not only a dish but also a beautiful cuisine archived for a long Ha Thanh’s culture time. It will be shortcoming for gourmet if you don’t enjoy this noodle soup. The dish includes a large variety of ingredients and taste, but it still brings the elegance feeling of Hanoi cuisine.
Bun Thang is simple but it is very special. It requires the cook to be detailed, careful, so not all restaurants can cook well, cook “perfect” taste.

My favorite address: Bun Thang Ba Duc (48 Cau Go street)


Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls or, Bánh Cuốn, are thin sheets of steamed rice batter filled with ground pork and minced wood ear mushrooms. The rice rolls get a glaze of scallion oil and a sprinkle of crispy fried shallots, then served on a bed of fresh thinly sliced cucumbers, chopped lettuce, Vietnamese herbs, blanched bean sprouts and slices of Vietnamese sausage. All of this is served with a side of Vietnamese fish sauce dipping sauce.

If you like Vietnamese foods and tired of Phở, go ahead trying Bánh Cuốn. This can be a quick snack, light meal or full-on dinner. It’s guaranteed to satisfy any Vietnamese-food craving and a must try when you visit the street food scene in Vietnam.

My favorite address: Banh Cuon Ba Hoanh (66 To Hien Thanh street)

Banh Cuon is a thin roll cover mixture of pork, mushroom and spring onion


Bun cha is a local dish that originated in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Throughout Vietnam you can find a lot of dishes that share a similar recipe to bun cha (like bun thit nuong in Saigon). However, the dish is unbeatable. As you may know, we are very proud that Mr President B. Obama and Chef Anthony Bourdain tried and love Bun Cha a lot among lots of other specialties around.

The dish is very simple to make and can be found anytime of the year. It doesn’t matter if you eat bun cha in a restaurant or outside a small cart on the street, you will be served with a plate of vermicelli (bun), a bowl of broth with grilled pork, and a basket of fresh greens.

My favorite address: Bun cha Dac Kim (01 Hang Manh street)

Bun cha is a specialty of Hanoi which is loved by many people around the world

There are still a lot of other delicious food in Hanoi but 5 dishes above are the best I recommend you should try out. For each one, there are a lot of good address to dine too, so feel free to share your favorite one, I do hope you guys enjoy the food and your trip in Hanoi capital city.

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