(Sam Son, 1- 6 August 1991)

Thursday, August 1: Meeting of the Organizing Committee

Friday, August 2 : Registration

8h – 8h30: Opening Ceremony:

8h30 – 11h30: Scientific Session

Chairperson : Nguyen Ngoc Thuan

Dao Vong Duc, Nguyen Thi Hong (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Construction of high order string action. (p.7)

Vu Xuan Minh (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

The inverse scattering transform in the concept of a linearizing transformation. (p.16)

Vu Xuan Minh (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

On lagebraic structure of solitons. (p.22)

Nguyen Van Hieu, Nguyen Hung Son (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Two – point Green function of Chern – Simons gauge field in an anyon gas. (p.27)

Bach Thanh Cong (Hanoi Univ.)

Landau phase transiton theory for the disordered square Ising spin ½ lattice in the external magnetic field. (p.43)

Coffee Break

Chairperson: Nguyen Tang

Hoang Hong Son, Nguyen Thuc Loan (Inst. Theor.Phys.), Vu Chan Hung, Pham Huy Thoa (Inst.Comp.Sci)

Parameter and order estimation of linear systems based on variational method and optimal fittering theory. (p.51)

Nguyen Dinh Dung (Hanoi Univ.)

The diffraction of neutron by polarized crystal placed in periodical variable magnetic field. (p.65)

Nguyen Nhat Khanh, Tran Vinh Phat (HCM City Univ.)

The pseudospin wave theory for ordered alloys. (p.66)

Do Nam (Hue Univ.), Tran Thoai Duy Bao (NCSR, HCM City)

Self – energy of a positronium atom moving near a metal surface (p.67)

Saturday, August 3

Chairperson: Doan Nhat Quang

Nguyen Tang, Ha Dang Khoa (Hanoi Tech. Univ.)

The moment method in the unvestigation of the thermodynamic properties for anharmonic crystals with defects. (p.72)

Nguyen Ba An (Inst. Theor.Phys.), Nguyen Trung Dan (Hue Univ.), Hoang Xuan Nguyen (Center Telecom Tech.)

The influence of free carries on excitomic optical bistability in highly excited semiconductors. (p.76)

Ho Quang Quy, Tran Ba Chu (Center Tech. Phys.)

Influence of the two – photon absorption on sum – frequency generation in sermiconductors. (p.83)

Dao Vong Duc, Nguyen Hong Ha, Nguyen Lan Oanh (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Vertex funtions in Witten’s Theory of interacting strings. (p.80)

Nguyen Hong Ha, Nguyen Lan Oanh (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Ghost vertex overlap funtions for bosonic string. (P.96)

Tran Quyet Thang (Hanoi Polytech. Univ.)

Extension problem for the solutions of generalized Maxwell’s equations in Rn (p.102)

Coffee Break

Chairperson: Dao Nguyen Hoai An

Nguyen Hung Son, Nguyen Toan Thang (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Pairing of intinerant electrons with Heisenberg magnetic interaction. (p.111)

Doan Nhat Quang (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

The role of many – body interation in the random impurity field effect on Auger recombination. (p.117)

Nguyen Hong Quang (Inst. Theor.Phys.), A.I.Bobrysheva (Inst. Appl. Phys. Kishinev)

The influence of the resonant electromagnetic field on the light absorption by exciton and biexciton in quantum wells. (p.124)

Tran Vinh Quy (Hanoi Ped. Inst. I)

The successive approxinmation solution of the chemical reaction rate – temperature equation. (p.132)

Nguyen Tang (Hanoi Tech. Univ.), Nguyen Quang Hoc (Ped. Inst. I)

The moment method in the investigation of the thermodynamic properties for hexagonal close- packed crystals. (p.143)

Sunday, August 4 Excursion

Moday, August 5

Chairperson: Nguyen Nhat Khanh

Phan Van Hap, Phan Huy Thien (Hanoi Univ.)

The AD method for the approximate solution of the Wigner equations. (p.149)

Dao Vong Duc, Nguyen Thi Hong, Nguyen Hong Ha (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Algebraic realization of tachyon – free string. (p.153)

Nguyen Hung Son (Inst. Theor.Phys.)

Resonance in third- order optical susceptibility of quantum well in the presence of forbidden transition. (p.161)

Ho Quang Quy, Tran Ba Chu (Center Tech. Phys. NEWTECHSPRO)

The influence of the molecular parameters of the dye solution on the laser action. (p.167)

Chairperson: Vu Xuan Minh

Hoang Ngoc Long (Inst. Theor.Phys.), Do Van Toan (Hanoi Ped. Inst.I)

Photoproduction of gravitons in periodic external electromagnetic field. (p.172)

Do Van Toan (Hanoi Ped. Inst.I)

Creation of dilatons by interaction of charged scalar and spinor particles in Coulomb field (p.177)

Nguyen Nhat Khanh (HCM City Univ.)

Coherent potential formalism for calculation of spontaneous magnetization of alloy thin films. (p.182)

Nguyen Quang Bau, Nguyen Vu Nhan, Nguyen Van Huong (Hanoi Univ.)

Free-carries absorption of radiation polarized perpendicularly to the magnetic field in semiconductor superlattices. (p.183)

8h pm Farewell Party


  1. Dao Nguyen Hoai An HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  2. Nguyen Manh An Thanh Hoa Teach. Train. Coll

  3. Vu Thi Binh HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  4. Nguyen Ham Chau Newspaper Nhan Dan

  5. Bach Thanh Cong Hanoi Univ.

  6. Nguyen Trung Dan Hue Univ.

  7. Pham Cong Dung Hanoi Univ.

  8. Nguyen Dinh Dung Hanoi Univ.

  9. Nguyen Dong Dung HaNoi Ped.Inst.II

  10. Hoang Thi Kim Dung Inst. Theor. Phys.

  11. Duong Thi Dung Thanh Hoa Culture Department

  12. Dao Vong Duc Inst. Theor. Phys.

  13. Nguyen Hong Ha Inst. Theor. Phys.

  14. Do Thanh Hai Inst. Theor. Phys.

  15. Tran Thai Hoa HaNoi Ped.Inst.II

  16. Nguyen Van Hoa Thanh Hoa Teach. Train. Coll

  17. Nguyen Van Hoa Phys. Advan. Coll

  18. Nguyen Quang Hoc HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  19. Vu Chan Hung Inst. Comp. Sci

  20. Le Chan Hung HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  21. Ha Dang Khoa Hanoi Tech. Univ

  22. Nguyen Nhat Khanh HCM City Univ.

  23. Nguyen Tri Lan Inst. Theor. Phys.

  24. Nguyen Thi Ha Loan HaNoi Ped.Inst.II

  25. Vu Xuan Minh Inst. Theor. Phys.

  26. Do Nam Hue Univ.

  27. Do Huu Nha HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  28. Nguyen Vu Nhan Hanoi Univ.

  29. Nguyen Lan Oanh Inst. Theor. Phys.

  30. Doan Nhat Quang Inst. Theor. Phys.

  31. Nguyen Hong Quang Inst. Theor. Phys.

  32. Ho Quang Qui Center Tech. Phys. NEWTECHSPRO

  33. Tran Vinh Qui HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  34. Hoang Hong Son Inst. Theor. Phys.

  35. Nguyen Tang Hanoi Tech. Univ.

  36. Tran Quyet Thang Hanoi Polytech. Univ.

  37. Nguyen Toan Thang Inst. Theor. Phys.

  38. Luu Kim Thanh HaNoi Ped.Inst.II

  39. Phan Huy Thien Hanoi Univ.

  40. Nguyen Van Thoai Thanh Hoa Teach. Train. Coll

  41. Le Qui Thong Hue Univ.

  42. Nguyen Ngoc Thuan Inst. Theor. Phys.

  43. Do Van Toan HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  44. Ta Thi Trang HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  45. Le Trong Tuong HaNoi Ped.Inst.I

  46. Nguyen Ai Viet (A) Inst. Theor. Phys.